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What causes Hair Damage? Bleach, Styling with heat, Perms and brushing your hair while wet all causes damage to your precious locks. So we decided to pull together the basics of looking after your hair and maintaining healthy shiny hair. How can you repair hair damage? Use products before using any type of heat tool. Using styling products such as the Kerastase Ciment Thermique before styling with heat will create a layer of protection on your hair shaft and will also nourish your hair throughout the day. Shampoo Wisely. Be careful not to strip your hair with products fil... read more..

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It's important to keep looking after your hair in your everyday life. Here are a few tips I have put together to help maintain healthy shiny locks that will be the envy in any room. 1, Get your routine down. Investing in a great quality shampoo and conditioner is extremely important to keep your hair at it's healthiest. An everyday shampoo and conditioner that has been recommended to you by your stylist will not only keep your hair shiny, it will help nourish, protect and keep your colour fresh. 2, Make time for treatments. Normally once a fortnight a treatment is recommended, but i... read more..


DO; Use your fingers or a wide tooth comb to distribute product while cleansing. Use a wide tooth comb on wet hair to detangle Try just rinsing your hair through instead of washing every single time (If you are washing frequently) Gently tousle curls when they are 100% dry after styling. Use sulphate and silicon free products (our favourite is Kevin Murphy) Use products with a built in heat protector DONT'S; Pile your curls on top of your head while shampooing, this creates a tangled mess. Use a fine tooth comb, this creates breakage and extra frizz. Shampoo everyday. Brush dry... read more..

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Fusio-Dose is the 1st entirely customised ritual that is capable of resolving all of your hair concerns. Your hair is fundamentally treated and instantly transformed with active ingredients that are tailor made to your specific needs. After a consultation with one of our talented hair care specialists, we will then tailor a treatment to revitalize and detox your hair. Once the treatment is applied, you will then indulge in one of our famous scalp massages, all while your hair has a complete transformation. Phone us to find out more on 09 5244710 read more..

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Smooth again is a new product launched by Kevin Murphy. It is designed like a BB cream for the hair. Treat, smooths straightens, adds shine, controls style and heat protection are the multiple benefits you can expect to get out of Smooth again. It is the perfect product for you if you have thick frizzy hair and if it would normally be quite hard to style. It also has a heat protectant that protects hair up to 220' Celsius. Apply to damp hair before styling or leave it to dry into the hair naturally. One thing I personally love about Smooth again is that the ingredients treat the hair... read more..